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Read This Incisive Report from Flippable on Four Months of Supporting State Elections

This OTYCD entry originally posted in August 2017.

Read this incisive, clear-eyed report from Flippable on what its organizers have learned in its first four months. 

Flippable is one of many activist organizations that launched in the wake of the 2016 election. Its goal is to turn America Democratic one seat at a time, on every level–federal, state, and local. Its report on its first four months of existence makes for incisive reading and provides fuel for hope.

The biggest takeaway for you: Early money–and attention, and volunteer support–really is like yeast. Cheryl Turpin, who ended up losing her house seat race for Virginia’s 85th district, lost by only 362 votes and nearly erased the lead her Republican opponent had built.

Key quote from the story:  “When we asked Cheryl what would have made the difference for her—what would have secured her those extra 362 votes—she replied, “One extra week. And maybe not having a blizzard on election day.”

“Why such an emphasis on timing? Cheryl said, “The opposition, Rocky Holcomb, had started campaigning in June…Despite Rocky’s five-month advantage, he won by only 362 votes—in a place known as the second most Republican city in the country. I’m confident that with another week, we could have succeeded.”


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