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Call Your MoCs and Ask Them to Leave the Iran Nuclear Deal Alone

This OTYCD entry originally posted in October 2017.

Call your members of Congress and ask them to leave the Iran nuclear deal as is unless the Iranians actually do something to violate it. 


True to his nature as a chaos orangutan, Trump decided on October 13, 2017 that the nuclear weapons crisis with North Korea wasn’t enough, and he wanted a matching set.


He refused to certify an accord that the U.S. and several other countries had negotiated with Iran to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons–this despite the fact that all parties involved, including the U.S. government, agree that Iran is in compliance. Aspects of the accord have to be reconfirmed every 90 days.


He evidently made this move with the approval of his national security team, who counseled him to decertify it without killing it. See this October 3, 2017 piece from The Hill for more:


As stated above, Trump really is kindling chaos here. He has articulated no real reason to do what he’s doing being just not liking the status quo. He has no good suggestion on what to do instead. And refusing to certify the deal is NOT, repeat, not, akin to cancelling it. His move won’t have any immediate effect, direct or indirect.


What Trump has done, in effect, is to kick the deal back to Congress, which can choose to impose sanctions on Iran. It shouldn’t impose sanctions because everyone agrees Iran is holding up its end of things. If it did impose sanctions, Congress would kill the accord.


If that happens, the Iranians would probably steam ahead with a program to build a nuclear weapon. This seems almost too obvious to mention, but no one wants a world in which Iran has nukes, and not just because it’s a bad idea to increase the number of countries that have them. If Iran gets a nuke, it’d probably drop it on Israel sooner or later, just because.


It’d probably also increase the likelihood of war with North Korea, because killing the Iran accord would make the U.S. look unstable and untrustworthy. If we walk away from Iran when it was doing what we asked it to do, why should anyone honor any other deal that our nation makes?


So, this is an odd one for OTYCD and for you all, in that we’re going to ask you to call your MoCs and ask them to… do nothing. Explicitly do nothing. If nothing happens, the Iran thing drifts back to Trump’s desk at some point, and he can recertify or not.


Sample script for your MoCs: “Dear House Rep/Senator (Lastname), I am (Firstname Lastname from town, zip code). I am calling to ask you to do nothing with the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump just kicked back to you by failing to recertify it. Just leave it be unless we get evidence that Iran is in violation of the deal. To date, the Iranians have complied. Please do not impose any sanctions. If we do that, we will hurt America’s reputation and make it that much more difficult for us to draw and enter international treaties and deals in the future. Thank you.”



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