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Call Your MoCs and Urge Them to Demand the Firing of EPA Head Scott Pruitt

Call your MoCs and urge them to demand the firing of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt.


We at OTYCD admit we are taking a chance with this. Pruitt could resign or be fired before this post goes live on Monday April 9. Heck, he could resign or be fired before we drop the post in the queue.


But! If Monday dawns and Pruitt is still running the EPA, we’ll be mad at ourselves for not having something ready to post. So, here we go.


Scott Pruitt is baseline terrible in the way that Trump requires of his cabinet members–he finds people who make it their mission to hate a government agency and appoints them to head the damned thing. Pruitt has been hell-bent on rolling back regulations that make sure our air and water is clean. Every good thing the EPA does, he’s against it and wants to stop it.


Trump also seems to pick people with an appetite for wasteful spending and ethical violations. Even in this rogue’s gallery, Pruitt stands out on both counts.


Celeste Pewter (who you should be following at @Celeste_Pewter) compiled and tweeted a list of his ever-accumulating offenses while at the EPA:


As of April 6, 2018, Pruitt…


Demanded 24/7 security

Installed a $25,000 soundproof phone system

Flew first class at a cost of more than $100,000

EPA explored hiring private jet service at cost of $100,000 a month

Stayed in townhouse owned by lobbyist for $50 a night

Ended up getting pushed out by lobbyist for overstaying–they changed the locks

Asked a subordinate to help him find housing; violates ethics rules [in doing so]

Used loopholes to help two subordinates get raises (and then denied it in interview)

Demoted critics who criticized his management, including those who questioned proposed expenses, like $70,000 in bulletproof furniture

Used security on personal trips including Disneyland + Super Bowl

Deliberately avoids record keeping (and is being sued over it)



Pruitt has to go.


Numerous Democratic members of Congress and at least three sitting House Republicans–Elise Stefanik of New York, and Carlos Curbelo and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida–have called for his resignation.


On April 6, 2018, Trump reportedly called Pruitt on the carpet over all of this. He emerged with his job. Earlier in the week, Trump had affirmed his faith in Pruitt, saying he was “doing a great job” at the EPA.


Calling your members of Congress to demand Pruitt’s ouster emboldens them to do just that. Those who are thinking about it might choose to do it, and those who aren’t thinking about it will start thinking about it.


Sample script: “Dear [House Rep/Senator Lastname], I am [Firstname Lastname from town, zip code]. I am calling to ask you to call for the resignation of EPA head Scott Pruitt.  This is an ethics-challenged administration and Pruitt is the most ethics-challenged of the bunch, outside of Trump. He has wasted taxpayer dollars on things such as a soundproof booth. He took pricey flights when commercial flights would have met his needs. He entered ethically dubious arrangements such as staying at a lobbyist’s Washington, D.C., house for $50 per night. He misused EPA regulations to give raises to aides and then lied about it. And he dismissed EPA employees who questioned his actions. He has to go. Please go on record demanding his resignation. Thank you.”



Read about the three House Republicans who called for Pruitt’s resignation:



Read about Trump’s evident support for Pruitt, at least as of April 6, 2018:



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