Read This Vox Article On Defending The Right to Vote

Read The Voting Rights Manifesto: A State-by-state Plan to Defend Democracy, a December 2016 article from Vox.


We at OTYCD are forever interested in defending the right to vote. Voting is a cornerstone of democracy, and we are sickened that the Republican Party seems to have embraced suppressing the vote as a strategy.


Access to the ballot should be a bipartisan issue, but in an America governed (such as it is) by Trump and riven by far-right conspiracy theorists who are convinced that voter fraud is rampant (it isn’t), it falls to Democrats and progressives to defend it.


The Vox piece recommends championing the following practices that expand the right to vote, among others:

Implement automatic voter registration

Allow same-day voter registration and online voter registration

Allow voting on weekends

Provide extended hours at polling places

Write laws that lay out plans for handling elections that are affected by natural disasters

Restore felons’ right to vote



Read The Voting Rights Manifesto: A State-by-state Plan to Defend Democracy:



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