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Stand Up for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Protect It From Republicans Who Want to Kill It (November 2017 Update)

This OTYCD entry originally posted in April 2017.

Call your members of Congress and speak up in favor of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an independent watchdog agency that protects ordinary people from the excesses of banks, foreclosure firms, payday lenders, and other financial institutions.


Update: Trump is actively trying some shens to break the CFPB. Its first head, Richard Cordray, chose to leave his post in November 27. Procedure called for Leandra English to become acting head of the agency, but Trump flouted the rules and tried to install Mick Mulvaney, who, as you will recall, is already employed as the head of the White House Office of Management and Budget. Mulvaney, you won’t be surprised to learn, hates the CFPB and wants to hobble it, if not kill it.


English sought an emergency restraining order against Mulvaney and was denied. More lawsuits are likely. Read more about the borkitude of the situation in this New York Times piece:



Because of these moves, we at OTYCD have tweaked the calling script to reflect the latest attacks on the agency by Trump.


Original text follows, with updated script.


The brainchild of now-senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the CFPB was created in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The Republicans have been gunning for it for years, and as you can imagine, the financial industry isn’t too fond of it, either.


The world of personal finance is complex and it’s only going to get more complex. The CFPB does vital work for citizens who are wronged by financial corporations large and small.


Important: Is your house rep on the Financial Services Committee? Is your senator on the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs committee? Then it’s extra-important that you call. Check the links below before picking up the phone.



House Financial Services Committee members:



Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee:



Sample script: “Hello, I’m (Firstname Lastname, of town, zip code). I’m calling to ask Senator/House Rep (Lastname) to fight any efforts to cripple or declaw the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It is an independent watchdog that provides financial education and aids ordinary people who have been hurt by banks, payday lenders, mortgage companies, credit score companies, and other financial entities whose mistakes can ruin lives. The CFPB has done good in its short existence. I ask you to defend it against Republicans who would render it toothless, and that includes supporting Leandra English as the rightful director of the agency. The CFPB line of succession was designed to protect its independence and insulate it from political meddling. Trump’s attempt to install Mick Mulvaney, who already has a job in the administration, is a blatant example of political meddling. Please go on record in support of English and in support of the independence of the CFPB.”



Visit the CFPB web site:



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