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Support Democrat Regina Bateson’s Run Against Republican Incumbent Tom McClintock for a California House Seat (Update June 9, 2018)

Update, June 9, 2018: Bateson came third in the top-two primary held on June 5. Democrat Jessica Morse advanced to run against incumbent Republican Tom McClintock for the House seat in California’s 4th District. We at OTYCD thank Bateson for running and we encourage her to run again for public office in the future.


Support Democrat Regina Bateson, who is running against Republican incumbent Tom McClintock for a California House seat in the state’s 4th District.


Many of us were shocked by the results of the November 2016 election. A fair number of us were moved to run for office or help someone run for office. For some, that meant seriously upending their lives. Bateson is one of them.


She gave up a tenure-track political science professorship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to move her young family back to her native California to challenge Tom McClintock for his house seat. The first-time candidate is a fluent Spanish speaker who, if elected, would be the first former consular officer to serve in Congress; she served as a vice-consul at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala.


McClintock, a conservative Republican who was first elected in 2008, behaved in a Trumpish manner well before Trump won the presidency. A member of the Tea Party Caucus, he opposes the Affordable Care Act, attacks undocumented immigrants, and voted in favor of a bill that would withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities.


McClintock won his 2016 election with almost 63 percent of the vote, but in the wake of the November 2017 elections, Democrats consider him vulnerable. Bateson is facing Democrats Jessica Morse and Roza Calderon in the June 5, 2018 primary.



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