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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Go to Alabama for Your Next Vacation

Put your money where your mouth is: Reward Alabamians for choosing Democrat Doug Jones as their newest Senator by taking your next vacation in Alabama. 


When a state legislature adopts a stupid, hurtful law, the people who fight the law sometimes ask tourists to boycott the state.


Do you remember when North Carolina adopted House Bill 2, a law that restricted LGBT rights and demanded that transgender people use the bathroom that corresponded to their sex at birth? The N.C.A.A. protested HB2 by relocating more than a dozen college championship events to venues in other states. The NBA moved the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans. Wired estimated that HB2 cost North Carolina almost $400 million in lost revenue.


Boycotting North Carolina for passing HB2 was the right thing to do. Like it or not, when you spend your money, you cast a vote. You should do what you can to avoid voting with your dollars for things that you don’t support.


But! There are two sides to this coin. Yes, you should not give your money to vendors and venues that insult and disparage your values. And you should spend it with vendors and venues that uphold them.


Which brings us to Alabama. Its citizens made headlines on December 12, 2017 when they elected Democrat Doug Jones to be their next Senator instead of Republican Roy Moore.


You should reward Alabama for this.


Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? Look into Alabama.


See the state’s official tourism website:


Also check out the Alabama section on the Visit the USA site:


Make notes. Think. Plan. Budget. Go. Add your dollars to the more than $13 billion that more than 25 million visitors spent in Alabama in 2015.


And when you do, tell everyone that you chose Alabama because Alabamians chose Doug Jones as their Senator.


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See a May 2017 article about Alabama tourism figures:


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