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Sign On to It Starts Today and Help Fund ALL Democrats Up for Election in 2018

This OTYCD entry originally posted in July 2017.

Sign on to It Starts Today, a nonprofit PAC that will give money to ALL 468 Democrats up for election and re-election to the House and Senate in 2018.


The notion is this: You donate a minimum of $4.68 a month, every month, until we know who all the Democratic candidates are (aka once the primary candidates are chosen). That sum represents a penny for each of the 468 seats that are open in 2018–all 435 House seats and 33 Senate seats–but you can give more if you want.


Once the Democratic candidates are named, It Starts Today will send each a lump sum to start and then weekly payouts up until the election. Everyone gets the same amount, be they a high-profile Congressional legend or a greener-than-green rookie. Founder Jonathan Zucker hopes that through delivering the 468 candidates the same amount of funding, It Starts Today can lift the Democratic party’s fortunes overall. As of July 1, it had raised $453,000 for Democratic candidates.


Zucker has also estimated that if each person who donated to the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton gave $5 per month, starting in January 2017, It Starts Today could award $2.5 million to EACH 2018 Democratic candidate for Congress.


In the past, OTYCD advised readers to start a 2018 fund, and recommended putting away at least $2 per week with the ultimate aim of helping non-Trumpish candidates win or hold office. If you have trouble saving, or want to augment your saving efforts, It Starts Today might be just the thing for you.



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*Disclosure. Ben from It Starts Today emailed us in May 2017, told us about It Starts Today, and asked us to consider writing about it. We did, and we did.