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Support Striking Teachers in Arizona and Watch the #RedForEd Hashtag

Support teachers who are striking in Arizona, and watch the #RedForEd hashtag for news on the state-wide strike.


Arizona is the latest state whose teachers are striking not just for better pay but for fundamental changes in the way the state funds public education.


They will start their walkout on Thursday, April 25, 2018.


Arizona has cut taxes every year for 25 years, and its Republican governor, Doug Ducey, took a pledge not to raise taxes when he was a candidate.


Ducey has offered to raise teacher salaries by 20 percent by 2020, but the teachers are not satisfied. It only addresses one of their demands, and they fear that Ducey’s revenue projections are off and he won’t be able to deliver on the promise.



The teachers’ other demands include:


Reducing class sizes to a ratio of 23 students to one teacher


Returning to pre-2008 education spending levels


Yearly raises until the state’s teacher salaries meet the national average




To stay on top of developments, check the #RedForEd hashtag.



Twitter handles to follow include Indivisible Southern Arizona (Justice Alliance):




Arizona Educators United:




The Arizona Education Association:





You can also donate to a YouCaring page that will assist striking teachers. First order of business is getting them gift cards for gas so as many as possible can drive to Phoenix to rally outside the governor’s office. As of 9:30 EST on April 25, the campaign had raised almost $1,400 of its $5,000 goal.




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Read about teachers’ and volunteers’ efforts to prep meals for Arizona students who receive free and reduced-price lunches, so they don’t go hungry during the walkout: