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Join the Resurgent Left and Support Its Candidates for Office

Join the Resurgent Left, a non-connected PAC, and consider supporting its candidates for office. 


Here’s the number one reason why you should get on board with the Resurgent Left: They believe in the 50 State Strategy and they’re committed to making it work.


From a March 27, 2017 blog post on the Resurgent Left site, titled The 50-State Strategy Manifesto:


“We can win seats, we can help candidates up the ballot, and we can put full-court pressure on Republicans. And there’s principle here: if the Republicans want any seat, at any level of government, anywhere in the United States, they should have to fight for it. That’s what democracy is about. It is incumbent upon us to make them fight for it. Make them scratch and claw for county clerk seats. For school board seats. Mayor and city council. State representative.


Even if we’re wrong and we cannot win any seats in these states we’ve assumed to be forever red, it’s still worth it to put pressure on Republicans in every corner and make them spend their money to retain seats. It still means they’ll have less resources to spare in purple and blue states.


We cannot afford to hand over seats at any level of government. No more of that. From now on, it’s full court pressure. Win or lose, it’s time to give it our all.”


Yes, please. If the Democratic National Committee won’t embrace the 50 State Strategy, we’ll have to do it for them.



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