Support the Second Annual National Black Mama’s Bail Out Day

Support the second annual National Mama’s Bail Out Day, which helps women who can’t afford bail come home in time for Mother’s Day.  


The bail system in this country is broken. Too many people are sitting in jail because they are too poor to pay their way out before they go to trial.


Making people sit in jail has other terrible effects. It makes it impossible for the jailed to go to work, which in turn threatens their ability to pay their bills and keep their homes. It also wreaks havoc on their families.


National Bail Out was created by black organizers to repair and transform our jail and prison systems. Last year, during the first Black Mama’s Bail Out Day, NBO freed more almost 200 women in more than 18 American cities and communities.


In addition to releasing people from jail before trial, NBO provides support services to those who they bail out, such as short-term housing, transportation, and health care, including drug treatment and mental health care.


NBO is partnering with 25 other organizations to do another Black Mama’s Bail Out Day again in 2018. They will use the funds they collect to free American women in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, which falls on May 13, 2018.


Another thing to note about donating to bail funds: The money usually comes back to the fund, so your donations can be used again and again.



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