Support The Resistance When You Buy Gifts

This OTYCD entry originally posted in November 2017.


Support the Resistance and fight Trumpism when you buy gifts for the holidays or any other time of year.


Yes, you can multitask while shopping by voting with your dollars.


Before you reach for your credit card, double-check the Grab Your Wallet list and make sure you’re not giving money to Trump, his kids, and entities that support them:




Whenever you can, put your money in the hands of black-owned businesses (and local, independent, non-chain businesses that invest in your community):




You have many, many good book choices available to you. Former White House photographer Pete Souza released Obama: An Intimate Portrait in November 2017. OTYCD hasn’t had a chance to review that book but here’s a piece we did on Souza’s amazing Instagram account:




You can also buy bestsellers from Hillary Clinton:




… Al Franken:




…and George Lakoff:




…but please buy them from independent bookstores, such as Powell’s and The Strand:






John Scalzi, who’s written great blog posts that you should read…



…writes science fiction, and will once again sell signed copies of his books through his favorite local independent bookstore:




Alexandra Erin, the Twitter sage, is also a science fiction author. You can buy her books directly from her. (See the right side of her blog. Warning–these books are not political):




…and hey, don’t forget that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has sweet merch:




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