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Read This Cogent Blog Post on How Best to Oppose Trump

This OTYCD entry originally posted in April 2017.


Read blogger Jonathan Crowe’s cogent post on how best to oppose Trump.


In late December, Crowe, a historian, published Opposition in the Age of Gish Gallops, which in one stroke explained what Trump is doing; why it works; why we need a strategy; and why Pence is bad, but Trump is worse.


It’s only become more interesting now that the Russia-related scandals have felled Michael Flynn and ensnared Jeff Sessions.


The most important takeaway is this:


“Make supporting the congressional Republican agenda politically unsustainable for Trump, and vice versa. Find every opportunity to divide the two sides. Make sure Trump never misses an opportunity to blast perfidious congressional Republicans.


This does not necessarily mean giving up the fight when congressional Republicans and Trump are in alignment. But don’t expect to win them. Recognize that some fights are strategic and long-term — you will lose them now, and those losses will hurt, but it’s vitally important that you (and the Republic) live to fight another day. In the meantime, be tactical: focus on dividing those Republicans and making their unholy alliance with Trump as difficult as possible.”


Read Opposition in the Age of Gish Gallops:



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