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Help Crossing Water Help Residents of Flint, Michigan Get Safe Drinking Water and Get the Help They Need

This OTYCD post originally appeared in April 2018.


Help Crossing Water help residents of Flint, Michigan gain access to safe drinking water and get the help they need.


First some backstory. While Flint, Michigan was under emergency management in 2013, its officials decided to switch its municipal water source from Detroit to the Flint River. The new source was contaminated with lead by flowing through lead pipes, and it might have caused other health problems, too.


As of April 2018, the crisis is still ongoing, and it won’t end until all the lead pipes are replaced, which everyone hopes will finish by 2020. In the meantime, residents must install filters on their taps or rely on bottled water, or both.


Governor Rick Snyder provoked a new outrage earlier in the month when he announced that the state would stop providing bottled water to Flint because water tests showed the city had gone two years without exceeding federal lead levels.


Crossing Water is a volunteer group that’s helping Flint residents navigate the water crisis. It’s had to innovate to deliver all the services that locals need–education (in multiple languages), medical tests, water filter installation, advocacy, plumbing troubleshooting, and more that adds up to sustained disaster relief.



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