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Support Adrienne Bell’s Run for the House Seat in Texas’s 14th District (Update May 26, 2018)

Update, May 2018: Adrienne Bell won the May 22 Democratic primary. Hooray! The general election takes place November 6.


Support Democrat Adrienne Bell, who is running for the House of Representatives seat in Texas’s 14th District in 2018, which was Ron Paul’s seat until he retired in 2012.


Bell is a native Houstonian and a teacher in the largest school district in Texas. She was a deputy field director on Wendy Davis’s gubernatorial campaign, and was on the Houston staff for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.


Boom, right there, on her campaign home page, she touts her support for Medicare for All and says “Health care is a right, not a privilege.” She wants to ban Super PACs and frustrate the efforts of big-money donors to warp and twist our electoral system. She wants to end the private prison system, the cash bail system, and generally curtail practices in the criminal justice system that hurt the poor. She believes that a college education is a right and not a privilege as well, and would work to that end. She supports unions and supports raising the minimum wage (but does not cite a dollar figure).


She’s facing an uphill battle. The incumbent is Republican Randy Weber, who won his second term in 2016 with more than 61 percent of the vote. He succeeded Libertarian Ron Paul, who retired in 2012.


Bell defeated Levy Barnes, Jr. in the March 6, 2018 Democratic primary by a four-to-one margin. He was the only other candidate in the primary, so no runoff is required.


Weber voted for Kate’s law, the GOP tax bill, a law that makes it a crime to abort a fetus that’s older than 20 weeks (with the standard exceptions), and he voted for a bill that would deny federal funds for sanctuary cities.


The Cook Political Report classifies Texas’s 14th District as being Solid Republican, but Ballotpedia notes that the district contains one or more “Pivot Counties”–areas that went for Barack Obama twice and went for Donald Trump in 2016.



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