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Support Democrat Tom Prigg’s Run for the House of Representatives Seat in Pennsylvania’s 12th District (Update May 26, 2018)

This post originally appeared in February 2018.


Update: Prigg was defeated by Bibiana Boerio in the May 15, 2018 Democratic primary. We at OTYCD encourage Prigg to run for public office again in the future.


Support Democrat Tom Prigg’s run for the House of Representatives seat in Pennsylvania’s 12th District.


Prigg is a veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne. He’s also a scientist–a research associate at Carnegie Mellon University where he pursues neuroscience. During a gap in his scientific career, he earned a bachelor’s degree in creative non-fiction writing and wrote for several newsstand magazines.


His platform is unusually well-thought out and should serve as a model to others who want to run for Congressional office. It covers eleven major topics that matter, explains why they matter, and explains what Prigg would do about them. He’s particularly strong on defending unions, workers’ rights, and helping veterans.


Among the many things he promises to do if elected is draft parental leave legislation that covers both parents; he would support unions by fighting destructive right-to-work laws and restoring collective bargaining rights; he would support laws to overturn Citizens United; he wants a universal healthcare system, and would fight laws that limit access to care centers, would allow insurers to deny care or charge more to people with pre-existing conditions; and would work to end lifetime caps on coverage.


Prigg is one of six Democrats running for the House of Representatives seat in Pennsylvania. The incumbent, Republican Keith Rothfus, will run for a fourth term. In 2016, Rothfus defeated his Democratic rival by almost two to one. Ballotpedia rated Pennsylvania’s 12th District as safely Republican ahead of the 2016 vote.



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