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Check Out FairVote, Which Advocates Ranked Choice Voting and Other Reforms That Restore Faith In Democracy

Check out FairVote, a 26-year-old nonpartisan organization that promotes ranked choice voting and other reforms that would strengthen our democracy.


Based in Takoma Park, Maryland, FairVote is a leading advocate for ranked choice voting (RCV), a system that lets voters rank several candidates in order of preference–first choice, second choice, third choice, and so on.


RCV is particularly helpful in elections where there are multiple candidates and none manage to capture 50 percent of the votes, plus one. If a voter’s first choice falls short, their support goes to their second-choice candidate rather than evaporating into the ether.


RCV, which is sometimes called instant runoff voting, helps makes elections fairer and more representative of a given electorate, and can combat polarization, gridlock, the effects of gerrymandering, and other things that undermine our faith in democracy. It can avoid split votes and allow communities to eliminate primaries and run-off elections, if they wish. RCV can also make it easier for overseas voters and voters serving in the military to cast ballots.



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