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Support Andrew Janz, Who’s Running for Devin Nunes’s California House Seat (Update June 9, 2018)

Update, June 9, 2018: Janz came in second in the top-two primary held on June 5, and will face Devin Nunes in the fall. Please support Janz’s campaign so Democrats can win this seat and stop Nunes’s Trump-lackey shenanigans!


Support Andrew Janz, who is running for Devin Nunes’s House seat in California’s  22nd Congressional District.


Lots of Republican house members need to go, but few need to go more than Devin Nunes. He’s shown that he places his loyalty to Donald Trump over his loyalty to his constituents with the weird-ass shenanigans he got up to in late March 2017, when he led the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He ultimately recused himself from the Trump-Russia investigation. (Scroll down for links that recount the incidents.)


Democrat Andrew Janz has emerged to challenge Nunes for his House seat in 2018. Janz is a Fresno County prosecutor who supports keeping and fixing the Affordable Care Act and protecting and expanding Medicaid. He supports reproductive rights and has pledged to fight attempts to criminalize abortion. He wants to reduce taxes on small businesses and the middle class. He wants to combat the ill effects of the SCOTUS ruling on Citizens United by requiring outside groups to declare their political spending.



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Read Wired‘s timeline of Nunes’ surveillance claims and White House ties (It dates to April 2017):



And here’s a piece from The Atlantic on what Nunes got up to:



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