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Pre-order Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson, Or Request It From Your Local Library

Pre-order Everything Trump Touches Dies, the new book from GOP strategist Rick Wilson. If you can’t pre-order it, request it from your local library instead.


OTYCD is not a fan of Rick Wilson’s politics, and we sure as hell aren’t fans of every last little thing he’s done in his professional career. But from the approach of the Trump era, Wilson has been on the side of right as opposed to the side of the right, and he has been fierce and unflinching.


In the past we have encouraged you to follow his Twitter feed and donate to the GoFundMe for the Everything Trump Touches Dies movie (which you can still do, by the way). Now we’re encouraging you to pre-order the book of the same name.


Yes, we haven’t read it yet and we’re asking you to lay down money before it comes out.


Why, you ask? Simple. By pre-ordering a book, you show the publisher that there is clear demand for it. If folks are clamoring for a book by a certain person, or on a certain subject, the publisher might contract more books by the same people, and more books on the same topic.


We’re not sure what else Wilson might write in the future, but we definitely want more books like ETTD. Please step up and put your money where your mouth is.


Ditto for requesting it from your library. Yes, it’s not available yet, but libraries figure out how many copies to order in part by tallying the requests they get for a title. By asking for it now, ahead of the August 7 release date, you boost sales of the book and make it more available in your community’s library system.



Pre-order Everything Trump Touches Dies via Goodreads:



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