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Call Your MoCs to Demand They Step Up and Do Something About Trump’s Dumpster-fire of a Performance at the 2018 G7 Summit

Call your members of Congress and ask them to do something–not just make a statement–to appropriately react to Trump’s Dumpster-fire of a performance at the 2018 G7 summit.


We were all bracing ourselves for the 2018 G7. We knew Trump wasn’t going to cover himself in glory. But it was worse than we expected.


He came late and left early.


He had the unmitigated, uneducated gall to ask the others to re-admit Russia to the group. The G-force booted Russia for cause four years ago, after it messed with Ukraine and invaded Crimea. Unsurprisingly, and correctly, the other Gs told Trump ‘no’. Because they are diplomats, they did not say, ‘No, fuck you, no, and also, fuck you.’


Bizarrely, the noted fan of tariffs suggested getting rid of all tariffs, while insisting that the tariffs he had just imposed were necessary.


He endorsed the G-7 joint statement and then un-endorsed it later on Twitter.


He shat upon our allies repeatedly, for no good reason.


When he pulls stone cold nonsense like the G7 beclownment, Trump swings a wrecking ball into America’s international reputation. The longer he’s in the Oval Office, the more damage he will do, and the harder it will be to repair.


Our friend Celeste Pewter (who you should be following on Twitter at @Celeste_Pewter) suggested we should call or leave voicemails for our MoCs, asking them to do something. Not just speak out, but do something. On June 9, 2018, after news broke of Trump’s takeback on the joint G7 statement, she tweeted:


A good thing to do at the moment? Leave a VM [voicemail] with your electeds and ask how they can stand by and watch Trump torpedo our most critical international relationships.


This is one of those times when a mere statement or tweet from an elected isn’t enough. Ask them what they plan to do, and tell them you expect actual action steps.


Also: I know this comes off as typical behavior for Trump, but it’s different because he’s reneging on an agreement w/ multiple international countries, after saying the US would sign on.


Today’s move gives the international community zero reason to trust the United States for *anything* in the future. Because they’ll always, always be risking Trump backing out, and insulting them to boot.


Trump voters: I hope you understand that isolationism does nothing to help our country. It sets our economy back. It sets advances in critical fields back. It will absolutely decrease our global standing, in many ways that are potentially irreversible. Everyone else: [she tweeted three phone emojis, indicating we should CALL]


She also retweeted @mikechenwriter, who said:

Do this especially if you live in a red state. There is no practical reason to sabotage our relations with out allies. This is purely driven by ego. GOP electeds need to hear it.


…and responded to this subsequent tweet from @mikechenwriter:

Seriously, if you have any conservative friends who are willing to listen, ask them if President Romney or McCain would be doing this. Then urge them to call their electeds.

@Celeste_Pewter responded:

This is an important point. I dislike conservative politicians. But Romney, McCain, Kasich all know how to behave like adults with international allies, even if we disapprove of what they’re saying/doing. What we have ATM [at the moment], is playground-style bullying at the highest level.

She went on to tweet:


Sample script: “Dear [Senator/House Rep Lastname,] I am [Firstname Lastname, from
town, zip code.] I am calling because I am disgusted by the way President Trump acted at
the G7 Summit. I was embarrassed, and you should be embarrassed. He called for the
group to re-admit Russia, though it has not atoned for the acts that got it thrown out–
meddling in Ukraine and invading Crimea. He needlessly insulted our allies through his
words and his actions. He came late and left early. He acted like a fool, and he made us
look foolish. He took a sledgehammer to our international reputation, and it’s going to
take a long time to repair the damage.
Barack Obama did not act this way. George W. Bush did not act this way. Bill Clinton did
not act this way. Every other president in living memory did not act this way because
regardless of their politics, they had reached the baseline level of maturity and personal
restraint needed to navigate a high-level meeting of this type. I don’t just want you to
make a statement about the G7 disaster. I want you to do something that makes it damn
clear that Trump’s G7 behavior is not acceptable. And I want you to do it now, before we
ruin our oldest international friendships just so Trump can salve his ego and please
Vladimir Putin. Thank you for listening.”

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Stories on Trump pulling the U.S. out of the G7 joint statement because he got shirty over stuff Trudeau said:

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