Join or Plan a Families Belong Together Event on July 28, 2018

Join a Families Belong Together event near you on July 28, 2018, or plan one. 


As we type this, the Trump administration has missed deadlines for reunifying migrant children five and younger with the family members from whom they were separated.


Children older than five are supposed to be reunited with their families by July 26, 2018. Given that Team Trump failed to do right by the little kids on time, odds are they’ll fail the big kids, too.


Things are still a mess, and they’re far from being made right.


The folks behind Families Belong Together, which held nationwide protests on June 30, 2018, to fight the administration’s sickening family separation policy, has called for a second protest to take place on July 28, 2018.


This second action will focus on a handful of points that press the need for justice for migrant families. They are:


Congress needs to create a task force on family reunification.


Migrant families must be provided counseling and related services to cope with the trauma inflicted on them by the government’s own acts.


Those in the Trump administration who created and helped enforce the family separation policy should be held accountable.


As we prep this post, the announcement of the second action is new, and Families Belong Together is well short of its goal of planning 2,850 events. We expect the calendar to fill quickly.


Find an event near you through the link below:



To host a Families Belong Together event on July 28, click this link:




See a CNN piece from July 10, 2018 on how the Trump administration missed the first reunification deadline:




See a July 13, 2018 piece from Elle that updates the situation and gives the July 26 deadline for reuniting older kids with their families:




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