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Call Your MoCs to Demand That Trump Withdraw His Invitation to Host Putin In the Fall

Call your members of Congress (MoCs) to demand that Trump withdraw his invitation to host Vladimir Putin in Washington, D.C., in the fall.


We at OTYCD hesitated to devote a post to this issue. We know Trump won’t withdraw the invitation. We know that any suggestion that he should withdraw will probably nudge him to double down.


This request is not aimed at Trump. It’s aimed at the sane people who surround him and support him, and who make government work.


If we, the constituents, don’t actually raise a ruckus with our electeds, they’ll convince themselves it’s not a big deal, and not worth their attention.


This president is not normal. We’re already normalizing too many things, some out of simple exhaustion.


Our sample script is below, but we are going to reference @Celeste_pewter’s post-Helsinki talking points in that script, to give it more shape and direction beyond ‘this proposed meeting is dangerous bullshit and should not happen.’


Sample script: “Dear (Senator/House Rep Lastname,) I’m (Firstname Lastname from
town, zip code.) I am calling to object to Trump’s announcement that he wants to host
Vladimir Putin in Washington this fall. This is ridiculously unwise, given what happened
in Helsinki, and no good can come of it. None. I realize you don’t have much power to
actually stop Trump from doing this, but I wanted you to know that this constituent
objects, and wants you to let your colleagues know that I object, and I want you to do
everything in your power to push back against this meeting. Some good ways to do that
would be moving forward with acts that punish and restrain Trump for his actions in
Helsinki. I’d like to see a bipartisan effort to impose a new round of even-tougher
sanctions on Russia. I want you to pass legislation that would protect Special Counsel
Robert Mueller’s investigation, and protect Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,

who has also come under attack by Trump’s minions. I want you to continue to push

to obtain the transcript of the one-on-one meeting between Trump and Putin. And I

would like Congress to formally rebuke Trump on the record, through a censure or
otherwise. Thank you.”

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