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Read a Sterling Piece by Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station, and Act On It, Dammit

Read a sterling piece by Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station and act on it, dammit.


You might already know about Wright and his blog, Stonekettle Station. If you don’t, let this be your introduction.


Wright is a strong, fierce, potent writer. You won’t agree with him on everything, but he will earn your respect on a fundamental level.


On May 30, 2018, he outdid himself. You need to read Hunting the Unicorn — To Extinction, and you need to read it now.


Wright beats a drum we here at OTYCD have beaten occasionally, but not as loudly or as memorably. It boils down to:


We didn’t get in this mess overnight.


To fix this mess, you have to vote, and you have to vote every goddamn time there’s an election, not just in presidential years.


If you don’t vote every time you can, you undercut all the other good work you do to try to change the world.


Republicans and conservatives know this, and they act on it–they show up and vote.


That’s why we have the world we’re living in now. Republicans and conservatives show up and vote, and liberals and progressives, generally, don’t.


Anyway. How about I stop telling you what he said and give you the damn link already?



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