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Learn How to Assess Whether Your Elected Officials Are Doing a Good Job

Read How to Determine If Your Elected Officials Are Doing a Good Job, a piece that Celeste Pewter wrote for Teen Vogue.


Celeste Pewter, one of OYTCD‘s favorite political activists, wrote a piece for Teen Vogue that helps you figure out if your incumbents are serving you well.


This goes for Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between. Some incumbents earn reelection after reelection after reelection and never lose their edge or their fire. Others…don’t quite manage that.


While the experience that comes with incumbency is underrated, you should not give a pass to an elected official who’s clearly phoning it in, but who represents your chosen party.


Pewter recommends pointing your brain at these five questions:


Does the elected official’s staff have a good reputation within the community? Do you see them in public?

Has the elected official kept their campaign promises?

Does the incumbent have a track record of leading projects? Or do they only go with the flow?

Is the elected official accessible when it counts?

Does your elected official have integrity?



Read How to Determine If Your Elected Officials Are Doing a Good Job:



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