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Read This Announcement From OTYCD’s Sarah Jane

Sarah Jane here. I’m the lead writer and editor on One Thing You Can Do, and I have an announcement.


Perhaps I should have seen this coming, but the needs of so many qualified, worthy candidates are only growing as we all get closer to the midterm elections.


The demands on my time are increasing and will keep increasing as November 6, 2018 approaches.


I have to choose between telling you all what to do and doing the work of helping several campaigns.


I’ve made the tough call to stop writing and queueing new posts for OTYCD.


This doesn’t mean you won’t see any new posts–you just won’t see any terrifically timely ones. I’ll be burning off the stock of evergreen posts I’d queued and had bumped forward and bumped forward and bumped forward again in favor of posts informed by breaking news.


I’m not sure if I will resume posting after the elections take place. And I’m not sure if I can strictly abide by my choice–future news could tempt me to jump in and write a fresh post or two, depending. I’ll probably sign in to the associated Twitter account (@OneThingYCD) every now and again as well.


I intend to keep the blog up and available.  If you’re looking for fresh instructions on things to do, please go to Want to Do More? It will point you to other folks who are on top of the latest Dumpster fire and have actions you can take to fight it.


If you seek broader, more general guidance, go to The Most Important Thing You Can Do.


Regardless of whether this ends up being the last fresh post I write for OTYCD, please accept my deep and sincere thanks for following and supporting the blog and its Twitter account. I hope you’ve found it useful, and I hope it’s nurtured your activism.


Even if I’m not actively posting at OTYCD, I’m going to stay here and carry on the fight. I hope you will, too.