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Check Out Let America Vote’s Voter Suppression Hall of Shame, and See If Your Electeds Are There

Check out Let America Vote’s Voter Suppression Hall of Shame, and see if your elected officials are there.


Access to the ballot box should not be a partisan issue. It just shouldn’t. But Republicans have discovered that if they can frustrate and discourage voters from heading to the polls, their candidates are more likely to win.


We at OTYCD feel that any American who can vote, and wants to vote, should vote. Period. Simple as that.


Any elected official who tries to make it harder for citizens to vote should be shamed mercilessly, publicly, and often until they quit their bullshit.


We support Let America Vote’s Voter Suppression Hall of Shame website and encourage you to see if any of your elected officials appear there.


The good news is that as of January 2018, there aren’t many inductees. The bad news is that any electeds sink to the level required to enter the Hall of Shame.



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