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Call Your Senators to Oppose SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Oct 3 Update

Update from Sarah Jane, October 3, 2018: Mitch McConnell is still bloviating about holding a vote on Kavanaugh this week.


Yesterday Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter) tweeted this message, bracketed by a bunch of siren emojis. I’m not including the link to the Wall Street Journal story because it’ll be paywalled, but you get the point:


All, are you calling your Senators about Kavanaugh? Per the investigation could wrap by tomorrow, Wednesday [October 3]. Remember what I’ve said. This is a moving target. Take this seriously. Script again in next tweet


She retweeted this New York Times tweet and encouraged West Virginians to keep up the pressure:


The Manchin campaign said that he spoke with protesters “to listen to their stories and views on Brett Kavanaugh.” One protester said they also told him their own stories of sexual abuse.


NYT story link is here:


She also tweeted a link to a story from The Hill that stated that Deborah Ramirez’s lawyer says the FBI hasn’t contacted corroborating witnesses:


She included this with that retweet: Related. Even with the expanded scope, I’m of the opinion we have to consider the GOP will basically try to ram this through no matter what. Be LOUD. Now is the time.


And she retweeted Sahil Kapur (@SahilKapur), a political reporter for Bloomberg News, who tweeted this yesterday afternoon:

News: Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers write a letter to the FBI saying they’ve offered to cooperate with the Kavanaugh investigation and asked to contact the agent in charge, but: “We have received no response.”


The answer, as always, is to call, and urge friends and family to call.


If you have not called your Senators yet, now is the time. If you’ve called before, call again.


Only call your own Senators. Urge your friends and family members to call their Senators.


And yes, you have to pick up the phone and call, and I’m serious about only calling your own Senators.


Be polite. Always, be polite. Practice what you want to say before you say it. Get it right, master your emotions, then call.


This is as serious as it’s ever been, people. Only a large, loud outcry from us has a chance of stopping this nomination.


Please honor the bravery of Dr Christine Blasey Ford by making those calls, and then urge friends and family to do the same.


To stay on top of things, check the Twitter feeds of @Celeste_Pewter for news on what you can do; @ICalledMyReps to see others acting alongside you; and @BenWikler for news about potential protests.


Also, if you live in or near Washington, D.C., a rally dubbed Brett Kava-NAH, Just Say No will take place Thursday, October 4, at 12:30 pm EST at the Barrett Prettyman Courthouse. Several celebrities have committed to appear. Bookmark the link below and watch for updated info (you can also register for updates):


You can also monitor the #CancelKavanaugh hashtag.


Here is Celeste Pewter’s latest general script for all Senators. Please check her feed, @Celeste_Pewter, for the freshest, most up-to-date scripts. Please tweet about your calling experiences to #ICalledMyReps, noting full voice-mail boxes and whether and how readily the office staff for your Senators picks up the phone.


Because GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell made at least one public appeal to move Collins in his direction, and because Collins reportedly asked the FBI to include the Swetnick allegations in the re-opened probe (Swetnick is Michael Avenatti’s client), Celeste Pewter retweeted her script for Collins, saying:


Maine pals – call and support this request [of Collins’s, to include Swetnick] . Reiterate to her if this doesn’t happen, she HAS to vote no.


Here is the Collins script. Again, if you’re not from Maine, DO NOT CALL. Instead, recruit friends and family in Maine to call.



Lastly, let me repeat: All of this has been exhausting and enraging. While Flake successfully demanding an extension of no more than one week to let the FBI do additional work on Kavanaugh’s background check is a good thing, Kavanaugh could still get confirmed.


Continue to call every day, and continue to urge friends and family to do so. But please start mentally preparing yourself for the possibility that Kavanaugh proceeds.



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