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Note Where the Nearest Nobody Is Above the Law Rally Takes Place, NOW, Just In Case. If Trump Does Fire Mueller or Rosenstein, Etc., the Server Might Crash

ThisOTYCD post originally appeared in May 2018. In the lead-up to the midterms, we’re re-running important posts. Please click on the announcement from Sarah Jane to learn why you’re not seeing timely daily posts.


Take a moment and note down the actual address and directions to the site where the Nobody Is Above the Law rally is happening closest to you. Just in case.


We hope it won’t be necessary to rally. But if Trump actually fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or does some other ridiculous thing to undermine the Trump-Russia investigation and thus cause a constitutional crisis, you’ll need to be ready to go to your nearest protest site.


As of late April 2018, more than 350,000 people have RSVPed. That’s good! But if Trump does the deed, there’ll be a lot more people than that who’ll be interested in going out to one of the 900-plus protests.


Think about it. That 350,000 number represents those who intend to protest and who are comfortable filling out a form and giving their info to


For every person who’s willing to do that, there are a bunch more who are only willing to do the first of those things.


And for every person who intends to protest but who doesn’t want to fill out a form or give their info to, there’s a bunch more people who will realize they want to protest once the batsignal is hanging in the sky over their heads. (Metaphorically.)


If you’re a regular reader of OTYCD, you’ve probably become The One In Your Circle Who Knows About Politics. Your friends and family will expect you to know where the Mueller Firing Rapid Response protest is, and how to get there, and where they can park.


Do you?


At the very least you need to go to the Mueller Firing Rapid Response page, find your protest site, and write down the name of the spot and its street address.


Put it on paper. Put it in your phone. Email it to yourself. Heck, do all three.


Even better, take some time and teach yourself how to give good, precise directions to the site, and learn what the parking options are.


We’re saying this because if Trump does the deed–and remember, we know he’s threatened to do it at least twice and hasn’t carried through–it’s possible that the site, which is hosting the Mueller Firing Rapid Response page, will be super-slammed in seconds, and it might go down due to the spike in traffic.


Be prepared. Plan ahead. Take down the protest site info and put it where you can get it easily.



Find your Mueller Firing Rapid Response protest site here:



While you’re at it, review The Plan–what would trigger the protests, and why:



And you may as well review the FAQ page, too, and take notes:



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