Support the Congressional Antitrust Caucus

Support the Congressional Antitrust Congress, which fights corporate monopolies and endeavors to make the economy fairer for all.


When corporations gain monopolies over their corner of the economy, the only one who benefits is the corporation. Consumers suffer from higher prices and fewer choices, workers suffer from layoffs and plant closure, and economic inequality gets worse.


Five members of the House of Representatives are taking the threat seriously and have formed the Congressional Antitrust Congress, which will bring a critical eye to proposed mergers and will educate the public about how these mergers can affect the financial and economic outlooks of America for the worse.


The five are:


Keith Ellison of Minnesota’s 5th District


David Cicilline, of Rhode Island’s 1st District


Mark Pocan of Wisconsin’s 2nd District


Ro Khanna of California’s 17th District


Rick Nolan of Minnesota’s 8th District



Are any of these men your House Rep? Please call or send a postcard to thank them!



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