Support NuDay Syria, Which Helps Syrians Within the Country and Those Sheltering in Nearby Countries

This OTYCD post originally appeared in April 2018.


Support NuDay Syria, which provides humanitarian aid within Syria and to Syrians who have fled to nearby countries.


The April 2018 air strike in Syria conducted by the U.S, the U.K., and France reminded the world of the plight of the people suffering at the hands of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. That particular strike was a response to Assad’s April 7 chemical weapons attack on Syrians living in the city of Douma, near Damascus, which killed at least 40. (Douma is a stronghold of resistance against Assad.)


Nadia Alawa launched NuDay Syria in March 2011 in New Hampshire, where she and her family live. Her organization has a special focus on helping Syrian women and girls who must fend for themselves.


In addition to providing food, medical care, access to clean water, and launching a K-12 school for displaced Syrian children in Ankara, Turkey, NuDay Syria operates a program that delivers milk and diapers to Syrian infants. A donation of $30 supplies a baby for one month.



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