Pretend You Are On a Deserted Island

This OTYCD entry originally posted in June 2017.


News of high crimes and misdemeanors is coming thick and fast, but the lawyers need time to build their case. Hang in there, and pace yourself.


The fourth estate, in particular marquee papers such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, have stepped up and delivered, over and over, with the help of appalled and willing leakers. So many bombshell revelations have hit the Trump administration it’s a wonder it’s still standing.


Trump is doomed, and he has only himself to blame. He entered office eligible for impeachment, due to his utterly inadequate attempts to satisfy the Emoluments clause of the Constitution. We now know his most trusted team members, Michael Flynn and Jared Kushner, were thoroughly entangled in dark doings with Russia. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey and admitted, point blank, in a television interview that he did it to try to stop the #TrumpRussia investigation. Comey claims that during a January dinner, Trump tried to get him to pledge his loyalty to him, and he rightly refused.


Any one of those things should sink him. The wheels of justice seem to turn agonizingly slow–and indeed, they do, by design. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, the lawyers have to carefully and meticulously build their case.


A good way to get through this weird patch of American history is to pretend you are stranded on a deserted island.


The world knows your ship sank, and knows where it went down. Rescue is coming, but not today, and not next week.


Sure, it makes sense to spell out ‘Help’ on the beach and try to wave down passing planes and ships. (For which read: Demanding an independent #TrumpRussia investigation, demanding investigations into Trump’s ethics violations, and generally demanding that your MoCs keep the heat on and do their jobs.)


But you can’t count on those things paying off immediately, or at all. In the meantime, you need to learn to the lay of the land, and you need to do the hard work of keeping yourself alive. (For which read: Everything else you can do to push back against Trump, from supporting Democrats and non-lunatic Republicans in special elections, petitioning your MoCs on other critical matters, fighting voter suppression, joining marches and protests, you name it.)


And when you can, you should give yourself a few hours off from the hard work of survival and lie on your pretty little beach and sip coconut milk. Self-care is key, and should not be neglected.


Hang in there.


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