Learn to Fight Systemic Racism By Reading This Ijeoma Oluo Piece

This OTYCD post originally appeared in March 2018.


Read Welcome to the Anti-Racism Movement–Here’s What You’ve Missed, an insightful piece by writer Ijeoma Oluo.


If you’re waking up to the injustices that Black Lives Matter is pointing out, and you want to do what you can to fight white supremacy and its effects, you will want to read this undated piece.


In summary:


Don’t expect to be coddled or celebrated for showing up to the fight now.


Do keep your eyes open and your mouth shut, at least until you get up to speed–same as you would when you arrive on any scene that’s been around far longer than you have.


If you have a question, google it first and see if it’s been answered. (It probably has.) Asking POC to educate you adds to their burden when they’re already grappling with the burden of fighting systemic racism.


Accept that you’ll put your foot in your mouth, early and often. Brace yourself for awkward moments and learn how to handle them with grace and calm.


Fighting white supremacy and systemic racism is painful, horrifying, crazy-making, and outrageously uncomfortable. But never forget that white folks have the privilege of facing this truth when they choose, and POC have to live with it 24/7/365.



Read Welcome to the Anti-Racism Movement–Here’s What You’ve Missed:



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