See the Complete List of Congressional Committees and Caucuses

This OTYCD entry originally posted in March 2017.


This blog is called One Thing You Can Do. Its advantage is also its drawback. OTYCD posts one new item per day. That’s it. Just one.


It’s entirely possible that you, the reader, have sat there and waited for us to get around to posting about something you desperately want to hear about, so you can go do something about it. You can always call your members of Congress and ask them to address what worries you, but it’s hard to beat the nagging feeling that your plea could be more precise.


Here’s a tool that might help you get where you want to go. Below is a link to the full current list of all the committees and caucuses in both chambers of Congress:



If you’re concerned about something you’ve seen in the news, and you want to target your complaint more precisely, check this list first and figure out which committee seems to be the best match.


For example, let’s say you want to tell your members of Congress to push back against Trump’s executive order on getting rid of two laws for each new law that is passed, a topic that OTYCD has yet to post about. You might want to check the House and Senate committees on Small Business, see if any of your representatives are members, and tailor your statement accordingly.


Or let’s say you’re angry about Trump’s plans to dismantle Dodd-Frank legislation, another issue that OTYCD hasn’t gotten to yet. Before calling your MoCs, see if they belong to the House Financial Service Committee or the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.


The clever folks at GovTrack have their own page on Congressional Committees that has an Upcoming Committee Meetings tracker at the top:



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