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Help Democratic Candidates for President Make the Cut for the DNC Debates By Giving Them Money

Help Democratic candidates for president make the cut for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) debates by giving them money.


The DNC has a good problem. They need to do right by a huge group of Democrats who have stepped forward to run for president in 2020.


As of late March, there are already too many people to fit comfortably on one debate stage.


To make things more manageable, the DNC set some basic benchmarks for all Democratic 2020 presidential candidates to meet.


One of those benchmarks requires candidates to attract at least 65,000 donations overall, and at least 200 unique donors in at least 20 states.


The DNC is NOT keeping a leader board that shows which candidates have met these particular thresholds and which has not. The reports you’re hearing about who’s meeting the grassroots fundraising thresholds are coming directly from each campaign. (We assume these reports are not being independently verified, by the DNC or otherwise, but it’d be rull rull dumb to lie about it, so…)


The excellent Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter) shook out which campaigns haven’t yet announced they’ve met the DNC thresholds.


That doesn’t mean they haven’t actually met the thresholds–they simply haven’t gone on record saying they’re there.


Still. Several good names are in this group who deserve a place on the stage. If you have a few bucks to spare, please offer them to the following.


From Celeste Pewter’s March 23, 2019 thread:


Periodic 2020 reminder: new DNC debate rules state a candidate must receive donations from 65K people in at least 20 different states to make the first debate. So if you’re looking for a wide, diverse field? Consider $1 donating to: 1. :


2. (this is her campaign account):


3. :


4. :


5. :


6. : (Buttigieg has already hit 65K)


(Also: just in case it’s not clear – these are the candidates who can definitely benefit with a little more support! If they’re not listed here, it means they’ve either publicly announced they’ve hit the threshold or all signs point to them hitting the threshold soon.)


We talk a lot about ‘s platform, and concrete policy proposals. Why not donate $1 and lock in her place on the debate stage?


Also, for those who want to read up on the rules:


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