Support No NRA Money, Which Aims to Make the NRA Radioactive In Our Culture

This OTYCD post originally appeared in August 2018.


Support No NRA Money, an organization that aims to make the National Rifle Association (NRA) radioactive in American culture.


If you’re reading this blog, you are beyond sick of Republican resistance to passing laws that will actually do something to curtail mass shootings. The NRA has done the most to aggressively smear, cloud over, and distract from what we all know is true–the root cause of mass shootings is guns, and how easy it is to get guns.


Every other country in the world has sick, entitled, anger-prone people. Most countries have access to the same video games, movies, books, music, and pop culture that Americans do. All countries have less-than-ideal parents among their citizens. But other countries don’t have anywhere near the number of mass shootings we do, and the only thing they have that we don’t is common-sense gun laws that work.


Fed up with the deadly stranglehold that the NRA has on American federal and state legislatures, No NRA Money is doing its damnedest to change the culture.


Just as Mothers Against Drunk Driving forced a cultural change that made drunk driving taboo rather than a small error, No NRA Money is pursuing a cultural change of its own–one that would make the NRA persona non grata.


It encourages candidates for office to pledge to refuse campaign donations from the NRA., and it encourages voters to pledge to vote against any candidate that accepts NRA money. As of late May 2018, more than 200 politicians and candidates for office had signed the No NRA Money pledge.


Its website also points visitors to a February 2018 Washington Post article that reveals which Congresspeople have accepted money from the NRA:




It also links to numbers on donations to candidates who support “gun rights” (as opposed to gun control):




Please support the work of No NRA Money and consider taking its voter pledge, which you can find here:




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