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Impeachment Inquiry, November 20 Update


Call your Members of Congress (MoCs) to express support for the impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives, and encourage all your friends across the country to do the same. 


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So. The House of Representatives has finally opened an impeachment inquiry.


Trump’s actions in the Ukraine scandal kicked it off, but since then, there’s been an absolute torrent of news about impeachable offenses and things relating to impeachable offenses.


This is of course on top of the vast, wobbling pile of impeachable offenses that Trump had racked up from pretty much the instant he finished taking the oath on Inauguration Day 2017.


What you need to be doing now is calling your MoCs every day to support the impeachment inquiry, and you need to ask friends and family in red states to do the same.


Yes, you need to do this even though only the House of Representatives is directly involved right now. Once the House draws articles of impeachment, they go to the Senate, where the 100 senators serve as a jury. Even though it’s not the Senate’s turn yet, you need to pressure your Senators and keep impeachment on their radar.


Yes, you need to make these calls even if you have bullheaded blood-red GOP Senators. Their offices log all the calls they get on various issues, even if they don’t agree with the stances of the constituents who call. You can pressure them and make them sweat through the brute force of the volume of the calls.


Here’s the thing. OTYCD is largely written by me, Sarah Jane, and since the news of the Ukraine whistleblower’s complaint came to light, events have moved too fast for me to write and rewrite a calling script over the course of the day that’s tailored to reflect the most recent events. I’m not in a position to be able to update impeachment inquiry calling scripts 24/7 on the fly.


Before you call, check the Twitter feed of Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter), so you can tailor your comment about the impeachment inquiry to the day’s events. 


She is quick on the draw with calling scripts, and will have a template you can use or adapt when making your calls to MoCs.


Important backstory: Impeachment starts in the House of Representatives before moving to the Senate. An impeachment inquiry, which is what’s happening now, is pretty much like the grand jury stage of legal proceedings—witnesses are called, and a fair amount is done in secret.


When you hear the phrase “impeachment and removal,” that refers to the House acting to impeach and the Senate voting to remove Trump from the office of the president. While the U.S. Congress has impeached presidents, none have been removed—they’ve either quit before the Senate trial and vote, or the Senate voted to acquit.


Only the House is actively involved in impeachment proceedings right now. Your House rep may be in a position to act on the impeachment inquiry. Your calls to your rep should focus on things your rep can do.


You should call your Senators even though the Senate is not involved yet. These calls should start with “I realize the House is still working on impeachment” or some other statement that recognizes it’s not yet with the Senate.


Rephrase your statement for your House rep in terms that ask your Senators to publicly support the recent actions of House Dems, or to make note of the recent actions and ready themselves to be jurors.


Another point I like to hit when talking to my Senators, who are both Dems, is to talk to their GOP colleagues. I’ve asked them to stress the fact that we’ve had almost three years to watch Trump’s performance in the job, and the only thing he’s learning is how to stifle oversight and abuse the powers of the presidency more effectively. I also ask them to voice the fact that things are only going to get worse, not better, until Trump is impeached and removed.


Point friends and family to Celeste’s feed as well, or copy and paste Pewter’s latest script and send it to them, if that works best.


Making phone calls is still the best way to reach your MoCs. If it’s after hours or a weekend, leave a voicemail. If you can’t call your reps, email them.


Help friends find their MoCs and the relevant contact information for each of the three.


Give them all the help and support they need to make the calls. Don’t nag. Just encourage, and celebrate every action they take.


After you make your daily MoC calls, please show your appreciation for Celeste Pewter in some fashion.


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