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Headsup: The FEC Deadline for Q4 Is at the End of December

Headsup: The Federal Election Commission’s donation deadline for the fourth quarter of 2019 is at the end of the month. 


We’re giving you an extra, early headsup about the FEC Q4 deadline because it falls on December 31, 2019–a time of year when many of us have to plan extra-carefully, between buying gifts for the holidays and sorting out donations to other charities before the calendar year ends.


If you have money to spare, now is the time to give to sitting Democratic members of Congress, Democrats who have declared their intent to run against Republicans in 2020, and Democratic candidates for president.


Fairly or not, quarterly fundraising numbers are considered a sign of a candidate’s strength. Giving money to a candidate or a Congressperson who’s up for re-election in 2020 before a quarterly FEC deadline is a way to cast a vote for that candidate with dollars instead of a ballot.


In addition to giving to members of your Congressional delegation who are up in 2020, you can donate to Democrats who are taking heat from Republicans on the regular, to show tangible support for them.


It’s equally wise to cast a “vote” for Congressional Democrats who are quietly getting things done but not drawing any media attention.


We’re putting this post up one month before the actual deadline, to give you extra time to sort out your finances and see what you can do. We’ll put up another reminder one week ahead of the deadline as well as on the day, and we’ll keep doing quarterly reminders about FEC deadlines in perpetuity.


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