Take a Moment to Consider Your Accomplishments, As Listed by Your Friends at Crooked Media


Feel like you didn’t do enough to push back against Trump? Let your friends at Crooked Media list your accomplishments.


The real pain-in-the-ass of the Trump era is too much happens, too fast, that is too terrible to contemplate. It’s easy to fall into despair and feel like you can never do enough (spoiler alert! Trump and his minions WANT you to feel that way).


But! Your friends at Crooked Media, creators of Pod Save America, Lovett or Leave It, and several other podcasts you love, has created a cheerful, graphic report that tallies all the achievements we’ve notched between the last presidental election and now.


It is an uplifting read, and odds are you will have forgotten at least a few of these.


See it here.


When you’re fired up from reading that, see Crooked Media’s 2020 page.



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