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A Believe It: You Matter Two-fer to Use When Talking to Friends and Family About Voting in 2020

A Believe It: You Matter two-fer–a pair of past BI:YM pieces to reference when talking to friends and family about voting in 2020, especially those who have voted Republican in the past, or the recent past. 


The first is The GOP Really Is That Bad, and it explains why some people have kept voting Republican despite what they do when they get into office–at least some of those people simply can’t believe that they want to destroy Medicare, Social Security, etc. In other words, they can’t wrap their heads around the notion of public servants supporting things that are so obviously wrong, and even evil. Use the information in this entry to help disabuse them of that.


The second is The “May Contain Peanuts” Presidency, and it gets at a problem with Trump that might resonate with people who want smaller government and fewer regulations: Trump’s norm-breaking and rule-flouting will FORCE us to pass laws to penalize behavior that every sane, decent individual knows not to do anyway.


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