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Join A No War With Iran Protest TODAY, January 9, 2020. Events Start at 5 pm Local Time, Wherever You Are

Join a No War With Iran protest TODAY, January 9, 2020. The events will start at 5 pm your local time, whatever time zone you are in.


Sarah Jane here. I cleared my after-dinner schedule for January 7 to make time to juggle the OTYCD queue to spread the word about these anti-war protests.


Then Iran struck back, as we had all expected.


So, yeah. These protests are even more timely than they were when they were originally planned.


These protests are another action, in conjunction with Indivisible, Win Without War, NIAC Action, and more.


The website is:


Go here and plug in your zip code to find the protest site nearest you. No doubt, many more will be added in the hours leading up to the 5 pm go-time.


If you can’t attend, think about how you might be able to help others attend–offering rides, parking and gas money, taking over caregiving duties, whatever works.


If you can’t attend and can’t assist in that manner, spread the word about the protests on social media and boost the protests as they take place today, starting at 5 pm.


And! Don’t forget to call your members of Congress–your House Rep and both your Senators–to voice your opposition to possible war with Iran.


Please see Celeste Pewter’s feed on Twitter (@Celeste_Pewter) for up-to-date scripts.


If you’re seeing this post after hours, still call your Congressfolk, but leave them voice mail messages.


If their voice mail is full, use the email message function on their official web pages.


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