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Impeachment Update, January 24, 2020

Call your Senators to express support for a fair impeachment trial, and encourage all your friends across the country to do the same. 


Choose your Core Four for 2020 PLUS a Voting Rights organization to support:


If you need to do something NowRightNow to fight against [Fresh Horror]:


On January 15, 2020, a delegation of members from the House of Representatives transmitted the two articles of Impeachment to the Senate.


The impeachment trial started Tuesday, January 21, 2020.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi played her cards as well as she could under the circumstances. Delaying transmission of the two articles allowed additional relevant information to come to light about Trump’s impeachable behavior. It also gave the GOP members of the Senate more time to stew and maybe find their spines and insist the trial proceeds like an actual, credible trial.


But it looks like the GOP Senators are determined to acquit, no matter what evidence is put before them. A total of 67 Senators must vote in favor of removal for it to succeed. The current Senate breakdown is 53 GOP, 45 Democrats, and two Independents who caucus with the Democrats. A total of 20 Republican Senators would have to join the Democrats and Independents to make this happen.


If removal fails, Trump remains impeached. He can bleat and whine all he likes about the Senate results, once they come down, but he will be irreparably damaged. No president has been impeached in his first term, and no president has tried to run for re-election after having been impeached. He’ll try to turn impeachment into a badge of honor; don’t let him.


Anyway. Removal is not likely. It could happen, but it’s not likely. Regardless, we need to support the Dems and Indie Senators and put pressure on the GOP ones. We also need to show support for the House delegation that is pressing the case for removal.


We all need to call, and keep calling, and we need to urge friends and family, especially those in red states, to call as well.


Call even if you have GOP Senators who are full-on bull-headed MAGA cultists and see that as a virtue. Their offices count the incoming calls and track the calls they get on specific issues. They will act like they don’t hear you, but they are taking note. Remember what happened during the ACA and Kavanaugh fights. Hold in mind that since Trump took office, GOP Congressfolk have retired, quit, or declined to run for re-election at a startling rate–they’ve lost something close to 40 percent of their House members, and the 2020 cycle for sitting Senators tilts against the GOPthe 2020 cycle for sitting Senators tilts against the GOP. It might feel hopeless, but it has an effect.


Call even if you have Dem Senators who are thoroughly sensible and sane. Their pro-GOP constituents will be bombing them with irate calls. Counter those calls and encourage them to stay steady.


Then call your House rep and express support for the House delegation of impeachment managers that is pressing the case for removal. It’s extra-important to call if your House rep is Nancy Pelosi or one of the seven impeachment managers.


See the list of impeachment managers here:


Before you place your own daily call, check the Twitter feed of Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter), so you can tailor your comment about the impeachment inquiry to the day’s events. 


She is quick on the draw with calling scripts–way faster than I could ever hope to be–and will have a template you can use or adapt when making your calls to MoCs.


Even if she doesn’t have a specific template, she will retweet and comment on events that you can cite in your new daily call.


You can also look to the resources cited in our post on what you can do NowRightNow to fight [Fresh Horror] for fresh news you can cite. The link is above but here it is again:


If you’ve ignored all the OTYCD posts urging you to call on impeachment to date, now is the time to get involved. Trumpistas will, are, and will continue to ring the offices of their members of Congress to scream and bleat and threaten as the trial proceeds in the Senate; it’s extra-important for you to step up and voice your support, for that very reason.


Another point I like to hit when talking to my Senators, who are both Dems, is to talk to their GOP colleagues. I’ve asked them to stress the fact that we’ve had almost three years to watch Trump’s performance in the job, and the only thing he’s learning is how to crime harder and faster. I also ask them to voice the fact that things are only going to get worse, not better, until Trump is impeached and removed.


Point friends and family to Celeste’s feed as well, or copy and paste Pewter’s latest script and send it to them, if that works best.


Making phone calls is still the best way to reach your MoCs. If it’s after hours or a weekend, leave a voicemail. If you can’t call your reps, email them.


Help friends find their MoCs and the relevant contact information for each of the three.


Give them all the help and support they need to make the calls. Don’t nag. Just encourage, and celebrate every action they take.


After you make your daily MoC calls, please show your appreciation for Celeste Pewter in some fashion.


You can follow her on Twitter: @Celeste_Pewter


You can donate money to her through her Ko-fi:


You can tweet about calling your MoCs, using the #ICalledMyReps hashtag.


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