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Impeachment Update, February 4: Call Your Senators and Attend a Reject the Coverup Rally on Wednesday, February 5

Impeachment update, February 4, 2020: Keep calling your Senators, and see if you can get to a Reject the Coverup Rally on Wednesday, February 5.


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If you need to do something NowRightNow to fight against [Fresh Horror]:



On Friday, January 31, 2020, the GOP-controlled Senate voted against hearing witnesses in President Trump’s impeachment trial, ensuring that it would be a sham.


Closing arguments took place Monday, February 3. Final votes to wind it all down take place on Wednesday, February 5.


We at OTYCD recommend that you keep calling your Senators. Yes, even now. Because it’s  not over just yet.


The GOP-led Senate might be in cahoots with Trump to control the proceedings, and they are hell-bent on bringing this to a close even though there’s a multitude of polls showing that between 72 and 80 percent of Americans want the trial to hear witnesses and consider evidence (you know, like an actual trial would).


That doesn’t mean we have to make it easy for them.


Be like the spike strips at a car rental place that are there to stop someone from going in the wrong direction. Sure, they can try doing that, and the car might be driveable afterward, but they’ll fuck up the undercarriage and flatten the tires.


Make the GOP Senate feel the phantom limb pain where their souls used to be.


You should also call if you have Dem Senators who are thoroughly sensible and sane. Their pro-GOP constituents will be bombing them with irate calls. Counter those calls and encourage them to stay steady.


Then call your House rep and express support for the House delegation of impeachment managers that argued case for removal. It’s extra-important to call if your House rep is Nancy Pelosi or one of the seven impeachment managers.


See the list of impeachment managers here:


Before you place your own daily call, check the Twitter feed of Celeste Pewter (@Celeste_Pewter), so you can tailor your comment about the impeachment inquiry to the day’s events. 


She is quick on the draw with calling scripts–way faster than I could ever hope to be–and will have a template you can use or adapt when making your calls to MoCs.


Even if she doesn’t have a specific template, she will retweet and comment on events that you can cite in your new daily call.


You can also look to the resources cited in our post on what you can do NowRightNow to fight [Fresh Horror] for fresh news you can cite. The link is above but here it is again:


Know also: Protests against the end of the trial are being planned as we prepare this post.


The largest effort appears to be the Reject the Coverup rallies, which are planned for Wednesday, February 5.


Protest partners include United We Dream, the NAACP, Greenpeace, NextGen America, MoveOn, Resistbot, Indivisible, Common Cause,and many others.


You can see the closest event to you by going to this link. Unfortunately, as of Sunday February 2, when we readied this post, there appeared to be no consensus on start times. Please keep checking the Reject the Coverup website and social media for this info.


If there isn’t an event near enough to you, or if there is and you can’t go, do what you can to make it possible for others to go. Offer gas money or bus fare. Offer care-giving services. If you’re a business owner, give your people paid time off to attend the protest.


You can also spread the word about the protest and boost the #RejectTheCoverup hashtag on social media.


Also continuing are the #SwarmTheSenate protests in Washington, D.C., in the Hart Building. Those have been going since January 6, 2020.


Elsewhere in D.C., the #KremlinAnnex folks continue their nightly protests in Lafayette Square.


And, apparently separate from the #RejectTheCoverup protests, a #TakeItBack protest will take place in Manhattan at Columbus Circle on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 5:30 pm, EST.


If we at OTYCD hear of other protests related to the Senate impeachment trial, we will update this post accordingly.


See the main site for the Reject the Coverup protest:

Home – Events


And to step back to Celeste Pewter, godddess of call scripts, please show your support for her and her noble work in one of these ways:


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