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See the Shiny New 2020 Version of Vote Save America’s Website

See the shiny new 2020 version of Vote Save America’s website, which has a useful to-do list in the leadup to the general election on November 3, 2020.


The folks at Crooked Media have been at the forefront of pushing back against Trump since his election in November 2016.


Now that it’s clear that the GOP-controlled Senate refuse to do their jobs and remove Trump, the task falls to us–We the People.


It is a daunting task. In allowing the trial to devolve into a sham exercise, the GOP-controlled Senate indirectly gave Trump a green light to use every tool a sitting president has to cheat his way back into office. Let’s be frank: Those tools are numerous and formidable.


Mitch McConnell has compounded the problem by refusing to fill vacancies at the Federal Election Committee, rendering it non-functional. He has also steadfastly refused to permit the advancement of bills that would safeguard the 2020 election from interference and general fuckery.


All that said, Trump can be beaten IF lots and lots and lots of us a) get off our asses and fight back or b) continue to stay off our asses and fight back.


As you know, we at OTYCD have a range of action guides and useful information (and soon we will collect them all into one 2020 to-do list, we promise.


We have our Need to Do Something NowRightNow to Fight Back Against [Fresh Horror]? page.


We put together a list of sitting Senators who are up for re-election in 2020.


We updated the Choose Your Core Four for 2020 and added a “plus”–supporting an organization that defends the right to vote.


We recommended that you start a 2020 fund.


We identified the most important thing you can do (and OK, we cheated a little, because it actually gives you four things).


Crooked Media’s 2020: Be a Voter. Save America., piece covers much of the same ground but also encourages you to adopt a battleground state and fill out a sample ballot as the general election approaches.


See the piece here. It’s useful, and worth bookmarking.


Also see the main Crooked Media website, through which you can download its many excellent podcasts and read exclusive stories.


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