GOTV By Printing Custom Business Cards with Information That Shows People How to Register

Help get out the vote (GOTV) by printing custom business cards that contain all the information people near you need to register to vote in your state. 


This is a great idea that popped up in a Thread of Uplift started on Twitter in February 2020 by the peerless Walt Shaub (@waltshaub).


A contributor with the handle @HoffmanHopes offered the following:

I’m getting business cards made with the phone number & Internet link for registering to vote I’ll ask those I encounter – clerks, folks sitting next to me on the bus, etc. – what they think of Trump & if they’re registered Depending on response, I’ll give ’em a card


Outreach in person is underrated and underperformed. But acts such as this one can make the difference between someone registering to vote and not.


You will want to follow the basic format the tweeter describes above–your card should have a phone number and a URL suited to voters in your home state.


A good place to start looking for your state’s information is here:



That link is courtesy of the National Association of Secretaries of State, an organization for officials whose purview includes voter registration and related issues.


You should be able to get to the relevant information for your state through that URL.


The National Association of Secretaries of State is on Twitter:



And it’s on Facebook as well:



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