Tony the Democrat Alert! Judge Jill Karofsky Needs You to Write GOTV Postcards for an April 7 Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

We have a Tony the Democrat Alert! Please join the team writing GOTV postcards for Judge Jill Karofsky, who’s running for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court on April 7.


As we’ve noted in other posts, Wisconsin will be critical to the 2020 presidential race.



Judge Jill Karofsky is running for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The judicial term lasts ten years. She is challenging Daniel Kelly, who holds conservative views, and is part of the court’s conservative majority.


Control of the state’s supreme court is critical. There’s already been an attempt to purge more than 200,000 Wisconsin voters from the rolls. This Chicago Tribune story is the most recent we can find on the state of that legal battle.



Key point: while things are favoring the anti-purge side right now, hold this line from the story in mind:

“The ruling can be appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which previously declined to take the case before it was heard by the appeals court.”



So, yeah, writing postcards to nudge Wisconsin voters to go out and cast ballots for Karofsky is worth your time.



If you are already an approved member of the postcard army, text or email and ask for addresses for the Judge Jill Karofsky campaign.



If you’d rather sponsor postcard-writers instead of writing postcards yourself, you can certainly do that.




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