Support Crooked Media’s Leave It All on the Field Fund

Support Leave It All on the Field, a fund created by Crooked Media to underwrite the hard work of building a network of pro-Democratic volunteers for 2020.


Incumbency has its advantages, and Donald Trump and his thugs are desperate to maximize every advantage he has.


One is the simple advantage of being the Republican presidential nominee by default. As of March 2020, the Democratic field of presidential candidates has narrowed, and it looks  like the nominee will be Joe Biden, but that’s not set yet.


Trump has a head start on the Democrats for that simple reason–he knows he’s it, and the Dems don’t know who their champion is yet.


Crooked Media is attempting to blunt that advantage with the Leave It All on the Field fund, which supports groups and organizations that are building the necessary infrastructure for the 2020 race.


We’ll let Crooked Media take it from here (it’s unclear when this language was written, fwiw):


“We’re taking a two-phased approach to make sure the right groups get resources when they need it most. We’re starting with Organizing Corps 2020, a project of the Democratic National Committee that is recruiting, training, and paying 1,000 organizers for eventual Democratic nominee. These organizers will be recruited from the communities that we want to organize ahead of the general election in eight key battleground states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Minnesota, Georgia, and Florida.

Org Corps needs a total of $8 million to hire all the field organizers we need. They’ve raised $5.5 million so far, and have a commitment of $2 million more. That leaves $500,000 left to raise. So that’s our goal. The money we raise now will go directly to Organizing Corps to train organizers, help pay corps members’ salaries, and allow the existing team to focus less on raising money and more on recruiting the best local and diverse talent ahead of the general election.”



See the Donate page on Crooked Media’s Vote Save America site. The Leave It All on the Field fund appears right at the top:




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See the website for Organizing Corps 2020, the first beneficiary of the Leave It All on the Field fund:




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