Are You Crafty? Consider Making and Donating Surgical Masks

Are you crafty? Specifically, are you good at sewing? Consider making and donating surgical masks.


As we prepare this post in mid-to-late March 2020, Covid-19 infections are soaring in America and hospitals are bracing for a surge in patients.


Many states and cities across America have also called for, or legislated, shutdowns that allow only essential businesses to stay open.


If you’re crafty and looking for something to do, consider making surgical masks.


Some hospitals are already experiencing shortages and have asked the public to make and donate surgical face masks. The Deaconess Health System in Evansville, Indiana, formally asked the public for help and put out a how-to video with a PDF pattern suitable for making adult- and child-size masks.


The Deaconess Health System quickly received bundles upon bundles of masks and is no longer in need. But! A hospital, clinic, or other health care provider near you might be able to use whatever you make.


Below you will find an assortment of links to tutorials and instructions for making surgical face masks.


How to make a mask for doctors, nurses and health care workers for Covid-19, a YouTube video made by Deaconess Health System.


How to make a face mask, a YouTube video by JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores.


DIY Cloth Face Mask, a post by ashevillejm on the Instructables site that relies on still photos and text.


Facemask: A Picture Tutorial, a 2018 still-photos-and-text post on the Button Counter website.


Also check the Twitter hashtag #millionmaskchallenge for news and updates.


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