Join Indivisible’s Payback Project and Target Nine GOP Senators for Defeat in November 2020

This OTYCD post originally ran in February 2020. We’ll repost it at least once a month until it’s obsolete. 


Sign on to Indivisible’s Payback Project and help defeat nine GOP Senators who have failed us, over and over again, and who are up for re-election in November 2020.


The current GOP have shown us that they are not interested in democracy unless it means they control everything, all the time, and they always get what they want, no matter how ruinous it is and no matter how many citizens oppose it.


They also aren’t interested in democracy unless it means that they can stop Democrats from governing if voters give that party control, and unless it means that the Democrats get nothing they want, ever, no matter how useful and necessary it is, and no matter how many citizens support it.


When Republicans get control of a branch of the government, by however slim the margin, they behave as if we have a parliamentary system–they act as if they own every branch of government and they act as if the Democratic party and the citizens who cast ballots for them doesn’t exist.


The January 31, 2020 vote to prevent witnesses from testifying in the impeachment trial of President Trump is only the latest betrayal by the GOP. It was an expected one, for sure, and we were braced for it, but still. The craven cowardice and the utter and complete failure to do the tough but vital job that the Founders intended was galling.


Two big reasons explain why the GOP folded like cheap laundry: They’re afraid of Trump, and they’re afraid to lose their jobs, and the status that comes with them.


We need to show them that they’re scared of the wrong people.


They should be scared of the voters instead. And because they failed to do their jobs when we most needed them to stand firm and do them, we will take them away.


Indivisible has launched a campaign to achieve that goal. Its Payback Project targets nine GOP Senators of the 22 who are up for re-election in November 2020.


Under the banner of “Get Angry. Then, Get Even,” it gives voters many options for pushing back against the nine and aiding their defeat.



The nine targeted GOP Senators are:


Martha McSally, Arizona


Cory Gardner, Colorado


David Perdue, Georgia


Joni Ernst, Iowa


Mitch McConnell, Kentucky (also Senate Majority Leader)


Susan Collins, Maine


Thom Tillis, North Carolina


Lindsey Graham, South Carolina


John Cornyn, Texas



Indivisible has a “four-pronged plan” to show these Senators the errors of their ways:


Build awareness and accountability by placing newspaper ads and using other means to alert constituents in their home states to their shitty votes.


Boost local political power through growing Indivisible groups already on the ground and providing them support.


Organize to win, and


Get out the vote (GOTV).



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