Help Tony the Democrat Send Postcards to Voters in All 67 Counties in Florida, Telling Them About Florida Vote by Mail

This OTYCD article first appeared in February 2020. We will repeat it once a month until the GOTV postcard campaign deadline passes.


Help OTYCD friend Tony the Democrat, founder of Postcards to Voters, with the Florida Vote by Mail campaign–an effort to send postcards to voters in all 67 counties in the state, reminding them about the option to vote by mail.


Florida Vote by Mail is the largest, most ambitious, and longest project Postcards to Voters has pursued since it sprung into being in early 2017.


The Florida Vote by Mail campaign began around August 2018. To date, its postcard-writers have dispatched at least 600,000 postcards telling voters in 20 Florida counties about how to vote by mail.


Tony the Democrat says that “we have been picking up speed and volume,” and he anticipates that the postcard army will have sent 1.1 million postcards promoting Florida Vote by Mail by the time the campaign ends (the precise deadline date isn’t set yet, but things will likely finish in late August or early September).


But! Adding 500,000 to the overall total won’t be enough to reach every receptive voter in Florida.


Can you help Tony the Democrat and the postcard army do even better than they expect?


As per usual, postcard-writers provide their own supplies: postcards, pens, postcard stamps (they cost 35 cents each), and any other flourishes you like, such as rubber stamps or washi tape.


If you are new to writing get-out-the-vote (GOTV) postcards to voters, see the Volunteer page and learn how to sign up.


If you are already an approved member of the postcard army, text or email and ask for addresses for the Florida Vote by Mail campaign.


If you’d rather sponsor postcard-writers instead of writing postcards yourself, you can certainly do that.




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Order less-expensive vintage stamps that add up to 35 cents through Etsy:




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