See Political Charge’s Vital Posts on Voting by Mail, State by State

See Political Charge’s vital posts on voting by mail, state by state.


We at OTYCD have recommended the Political Charge blog before.


Unsurprisingly, we’re recommending Political Charge again. Ok, we’re a little jealous because it beat us to a post we wanted to write. Still, it’s more important that the information gets out there, not who gets it out there.


As of Easter 2020, COVID-19 is upending the United States. It’s thrown millions out of work and school and confined them to their homes in hopes of “flattening the curve”–slowing the spread of the disease and lessening the stress on hospitals. It’s unclear if so-called normal life can resume before researchers come up with a safe, effective vaccine. The earliest that could happen is about 18 months–or the fall of NEXT year.


The debacle in Wisconsin on April 7, which forced residents of cities to appear in person at the few polling that were able to open (many poll workers are elderly and opted to stay home rather than risk their health), made it clear we have to get to work, NOW, on making voting by mail a nationwide option.


Trump is–I know you’re shocked–opposed, because he and the Republicans believe that anything that helps more people vote makes it harder for them to win.


Anyway! Political Charge beat us to the punch with two must-read posts.


The first identifies all the states that allow some form of voting by mail, be it straight-up voting by mail or absentee ballots or something similar. See Voting By Mail Is Not New or Uncommon. Not By A Long Shot.


The second is a state-by-state breakdown with links you can click to learn what vote-by-mail provisions your state allows. That piece is titled How To Vote By Mail in Every Single State.


Please read those articles and share them far and wide, so all your friends and family can learn how to exercise their voting rights.


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Getting Started in Political Activism



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